CoreOS – A next gen Router OS built on VYOS and Vyatta.

I am currently working on a opensource project to customize VYOS. I am calling this project CoreOS. I believe their software base is fine. But their current branches are rolling, and not LTS. I use CoreOS myself on a personal router, and wish to not be using rolling releases for my homelab infrastructure. Currently I have point releases every six months, and critical vulnerabilities patched in backports in the interrim. I also have customized the default software stack to include software that would like running on my router. Such as Zabbix and Samba for the two usb3 ports on my x86 router.


I have also wrote dedicated software for CoreOS, which I believe should have been included in VYOS, such as a quick start deployment CLI and automatic Bad Actor firewall auto-configuration. New software written every day.


Download links coming soon